I was leaving the Cascades (mountain range spanning Northern California to British Columbia) outside Seattle. Hour and a half before sunset. Light drizzle. Beautiful light filtering through a thick mist, doing all kinds of magical stuff. Sheer rock on one side and a river on the other. Lush greenery…
The Calm Evening Sea
“It’s gonna be a wild sunset in about 50 min” (Text I sent to my wife as I pulled up to the gym.) The whole drive, I’d been staring at the sky, the clouds and the horizon. By now I’m a pretty decent judge of the permutations and combinations of
48 Minutes at the Courthouse
The first shot in this series was taken at 6:16 PM. The last shot was taken at 7:04PM. 48 minutes. At the Courthouse. (Courthouse Butte, that is.) I took a short trip to Sedona in Arizona. For the uninitiated, Sedona is a red rock gem sandwiched between the
Joshua Tree
My last post (“La Jolla”) got me a little nostalgic for my seascape days. Thought I’d share a few more of my favorites from that era.
La Jolla
While promoting his book ‘How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia’, author Mohsin Hamid made a stop in La Jolla (in Southern California, pronounced: la-HOY-a). At the event, he was effusive in his praise of the local coastline. I’m guessing the tour took him around the world but clearly it was La Joll…
Joshua Tree
Only in the American Southwest…
No Way Back
First rule of seascapes: no matter how many back-to-back blistering sunsets you had, the day you show up, the odds will be against you. Second rule of seascapes: always watch your back. I forgot that rule and was so focused on what was ahead of me that I didn’t realize that the tide had crept up beh…
Never knew .. and really, should’ve known .. Philadelphia is actually a really cool city. More scenes from around the Water Works .. Triple olympic champion and father of Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco: There’re some really cool sculptures outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Didn’t get to go in…
I wish I could translate this (couplet) into English but I can’t. Generally, though, it touches on a recurring theme in Urdu and Sufi poetry about the virtue of trying keep a low profile in life, keeping selective company, while trying your best to do good acts. The relevance here is that, part of m…
First Look: Seattle (and Outskirts)
Essential Tips for the First-time Traveller