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Snoqualmie Falls

I was leaving the Cascades (mountain range spanning Northern California to British Columbia) outside Seattle. Hour and a half before sunset. Light drizzle. Beautiful light filtering through a thick mist, doing all kinds of magical stuff. Sheer rock on one side and a river on the other. Lush greenery in every direction, as is normal in the PNW. I was passing by comp after comp, looking desperately for a place to stop and get in on the action. And then I drove past a big rock, right in the middle of the road. It hadn't been there a couple hours ago, when I was driving the other way. Family with me, I stepped on the gas. So yeah, no photos from that moment.

About 20 minutes later, outside the mountains and in less perilous conditions, I managed to pull this one off:

And here're a few more shots from that trip.

Leaving the Cascades
This is what you see less than an hour's drive outside Seattle
Lake Diablo
Downtown Seattle, view from Kerry Park.
Nearby house with the downtown view from the shot above