Shah Faisal Mosque

Editor's Note: These photos are best viewed on a high quality display. A tablet will do better than a phone. And displays larger than 24" will provide a particularly immersive experience; as close to being 'there' as possible.

I haven't posted in a while. That's because I was in Pakistan and before that, getting ready to travel to Pakistan and after that, getting back into the flow following my return from Pakistan. The bad news is I didn't take a lot of photos this time. For various reasons (primarily laziness) I stayed in Islamabad and while I love Islamabad, it's a clean, modern and sleepy city that doesn't inspire me much. The good news is that the few times I did take out my camera, I think I did good.

So here they are, in no particular order and with no particular theme. Enjoy.

Attock Fort: A remarkable foreground - the confluence of the Rivers Indus and Kabul (blue and brown, respectively) - to a stunning backdrop: Mughal-era fort from the time of Akbar.

(OK so I did leave Islamabad a couple of times. Those familiar with my work know I have a long-time obsession with the Attock Fort and the Attock Khurd area. I think it's special but the rest of the roughly 250 million of my countrymen don't seem to agree or care. Oh well, their loss.)

Young Shepherd
You don't want to mess with these strays
Malang (ascetic)
This tandoori chai is literally 🔥
I have to use an app and make an appoitment many days in advance just to get a basic beard trim. Imagine the convenience of this. No wonder everyone walks around prefectly groomed.