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One morning in a place called Istanbul ...
Aya Sofya

We were headed for the airport. The bags had been loaded into the taxi. Wife and kids were onboard. But also, the sun was coming up and it looked like there was going to be decent light. The idea that popped into my head was obviously insane and I immediately dismissed it. But then, as is often the case, a voice inside me asked “who knows when you’ll be back?”.

So I asked for 10 minutes, ran into a building across the street that seemed to house a restaurant with a view. Ran up the steps and barged breathlessly into the restaurant and asked if I could take some photos from their balcony. As is often the case outside the US, the answer was a shrug of the shoulders followed by a ‘yes’. The most memorable photos I took of Istanbul are from those 10 minutes. While my wife and kids waited in the taxi. For the ride to the airport. And I took these photos with … one functioning eye (story for another day).

Blue Mosque