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Cuneo (Re-mastered)

Weekend Bonus Shot
Cuneo (Re-mastered)

Was on an editing roll yesterday so finally turned my attention to this photo from two years ago that I never really edited to my satisfaction. This was a beautiful scene on a magical evening but for some reason, the image I captured had all kinds of issues — noise, focus, colorcast, distortion, etc. Somehow, I just couldn’t address them in my first pass and after many attempts, gave up. I guess I needed a two year break to approach it with a fresh mind and I believe it worked.

Some facts about this area: The cuisine here features a rather unusual ingredient — Nocciola (hazelnut). No surprise then, that Nutella was invented here. This is also the home of the Ferrero family that gifted the world with, among other things, Ferrero Rocher chocolates. This particular town has, to my knowledge, three restaurants - two of them with Michelin stars - but no grocery store. Talk about priorities. And that’s the thing about this region: it has some of the finest cuisine in all of the country but is often overshadowed, in the eyes of foreigners at least, by its more popular cousin to the south (east).