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A Thousand Views of the Alhambra

A Thousand Views of the Alhambra
Alhambra: View from Mirador de San Miguel

The image of the Alhambra you will encounter most frequently – or almost exclusively – is a close-up on top of the Sabika hill. This is the view from the Mirador de San Nicolas, a popular vista point in Granada.‌                                                

Alhambra: Mirador de San Nicolas view

And why not? It's a stunning sight.

Here's the thing though: the Alhambra looms large no matter where one happens to be in Granada. Whether it's peeking from in between the steep, narrow streets of the Albaicín (Arabic: al-Bayyāzīn, the Arab quarter during the Nasrid period) ..

Albaicín View

... or standing tall across the banks of River Darro, ...                                                            

The Alcazaba (13th century Nasrid fortress) peeks from behind a cliff. Foreground: Church of San Pedro and San Pablo

.. it is omnipresent.

The title of this post is an (obvious) exaggeration meant to draw attention to this phenomenon – I assure you I will not be posting a thousand images here. But I am sharing vistas from various vantage points during my walks in Granada and surroundings that I believe are fairly unique. Hope you enjoy them.

Alhambra, as seen from Sacromonte (Romani neighborhood in the east of Granada)

Sunset view from the Albaicín. Taken from the doorstep of a random house. Hard to imagine a more remarkable sight to wake up to.

View from the mosque of Granada (near Mirador de San Nicolas)

Spotted this view from a small play area on the way down to the city center from the Albaícin.


Close-up of the Alcazaba taken soon after the lights come on, from a vista point on top of Sacromonte
Another capture from the popular Mirador de San Nicolas.

The Alcazaba (fortress) pops into view while descending steps on the western edge of Granada

Yet another Albaicín view, this time perfectly framed by the white-washed houses typical of Andalusia.

Finally, a bonus shot that shows a view that does not include the Alhambra (yes, they exist).

Sublime sunset looking west from a relatively high elevation vista point near Sacromonte.

In case you missed it: I did a post on the Alhambra that you can see here.

Up next: Cordoba.

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