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A Thousand Views of the Alhambra

A Thousand Views of the Alhambra
Alhambra: View from Mirador de San Miguel

The image of the Alhambra you will encounter most frequently – or almost exclusively – is a close-up on top of the Sabika hill. This is the view from the Mirador de San Nicolas, a popular vista point in Granada.‌                                                

Alhambra: Mirador de San Nicolas view

And why not? It's a stunning sight.

Here's the thing though: the Alhambra looms large no matter where one happens to be in Granada. Whether it's peeking from in between the steep, narrow streets of the Albaicín (Arabic: al-Bayyāzīn, the Arab quarter during the Nasrid period) ..

Albaicín View

... or standing tall across the banks of River Darro, ...                                                            

The Alcazaba (13th century Nasrid fortress) peeks from behind a cliff. Foreground: Church of San Pedro and San Pablo

.. it is omnipresent.

The title of this post is an (obvious) exaggeration meant to draw attention to this phenomenon – I assure you I will not be posting a thousand images here. But I am sharing vistas from various vantage points during my walks in Granada and surroundings that I believe are fairly unique. Hope you enjoy them.

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